I’m moving over here.

For now I’m using a simple theme, to achieve a more beautiful.
Hope to see you there. Kisses


well then

Poor N…

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Pretty Cure 30 Days Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Cure Uniform

Smile Precure *-*

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Pretty Cure 30 Days Challenge

Day 7: Favorite Mascot

The super cute Pollun *-*

Pretty Cure 30 Days Challenge

Day 6: Least Favorite Precure

Cure Ace. Many people don’t like her. I particularly don’t like her, not because she is bossy. Because Cure Muse was bossy and I just love her. I think because Ace does not have a good story for a Cure that appeared after the other. Another thing I like about it is its design, much like Marie Ange.

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